EMO2C – Update from Rome

EMO2C – Update from Rome

The vision of the EMO2C project is to strengthen the emotional and social competences of the target groups (young people and educators). This personal empowerment serves as a basis for the development of technical and professional skills. The sum of both will allow them to face their return to the labour market with more guarantees. The impact we seek is to provide comprehensive training to the target group, so that they increase their employability options and can reduce the alarming figures of youth unemployment in the EU. During the transnational meeting in Rome the EMO2C state of play was reviewed and upgraded: An update.

EMO2C Rome

On November 3rd – 4th 2022 the prtnership EMO2C came together in rome, Italy. During the 2nd transnationnal meeting in Rome the training system and modules were discussed. Other project topics were also covered, like: The dissemination plan, project visibility, follow Up (impact and sustainability) and reporting. In the evening a dissemination event was held.

Specific Goals EMO2C

  • To give visibility to the purpose and work of E2C, both of those established as well as of the public and private entities that carry out the same task;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of IE and soft skills in the target group;
  • Develop concrete and effective solutions to the problems of early school leaving and youth unemployment;
  • Incorporate specific measures to ensure access for young people at risk or in a situation of social exclusion;
  • Enable the development of the E2C model and its economic sustainability in the EU;
  • To obtain European recognition of the E2C model as an essential element in the fight against early school leaving and youth unemployment;
  • To promote international cooperation in this field;
  • Enable young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market;
  • Strengthen the competences and qualifications of E2C educators
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