DFW2W – Our scope of Work & Areas of Specific Expertise:

DFW2W initiates, creates, develops, implements all kinds of projects to solve the young jobs puzzle, boost young entrepreneurship, upgrade digital teaching and learning, practice by doing, supporting European, national and local governments, youth organisations, educational institutions and welfare to work organisations. 

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The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFW2W)

DFW2W is an independent, non-profit organisation, based in the Rotterdam Region (Holland), which supports professionals (e.g. European institutes, municipalities, councils, provinces, governments, employment agencies, training providers, youth work organisations, non-profit organisations) and young people (aged 14-35) to reach their full potential in the fields of youth work, youth employment, job matching and mobility, traineeship, education, income, social innovation, inclusion, welfare, young entrepreneurs, of life.

DT ManualFor the most recent news of our work and projects, see the You Tube video Social Entrepreneurship is Entrepreneurship, the new initiatives and the Sidebar on the right as well (with our Recent Project News). We have faced the first and now we are in the middle of the third wave of the Corona Virus outbreak… All of our projects have suffered heavily and the time schedules have been delayed and postponed. We also have some good news. Some of our new approved projects are: SesyCare, EDDI, ProCKD, PhotoFX, Places-3T, EMPOWER.ment, Social Media Savvy Part 2, Creating VET Business Partnerships for WBL and ECVET for Digital Publishing

Extended Project due to Corona The following projects have been extended due to Corona: ReConnect (extended for 6 months), EAER (recently completed), Journey to Work 6 (also known as #GoingDutch), Elevate, EEAR, Digital Tourism (was extended for an extra year by the EC and has ended end 2021) and Young Migrant Entrepreneurs (YME- is completed mid 2021).

An Introduction

The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work is a specialist on the fields of research, innovation and  digital development in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Work, (informal) education, employment, labour mobility, social inclusion, counseling, cultural activities, entrepreneurship & European partnerships. Carla de Vreij, of the Dutch Foundation (see picture on the left) says: ‘Our goal is to set up partnerships and platforms for innovative good practices in our fields of , developing digital information for young citizens and professionals about employment strategies,  mobility, legislation and regulation, the social map of the Netherlands and other countries, such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, but also United States of America, Australia, South Africa, China, etc.). Social innovation is one of our priorities.’ DFW2W is engaged and involved in international, national, regional and local projects as well. These projects target young jobseekers, young entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), employers & governmental bodies.

European focus

DFW2W is active in a wide range of topics in the European Union, from Early School Leavers and Work to Human Rights, Sustainabillity, Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Sports. Look closely what kind of projects we are currently running and the good practices done. Projects we have done in the past are for instance:  Youth Worknet, (a.k.a. the European Youth Jobseekers Community), PROFARM  NetMe-In and Social Media Savvy. Click on the topic titles above for a summary of what DFW2W does in that area, and for useful links to relevant projects, websites, partners and documents. We have been involved in the Journey to work Programme since 2013: Currently we run Journey to Work 6: A continous Success Story.

The Dutch Foundation is launching new initiatives in 2021, focused on young people between the ages of 18 and 35 to boost youth employment, and young entrepreneurs like ‘Young Migrant Entrepreneurs 2 – Entrepreneurial Hubs’, Places-3T, branding yourself Social Media Savvy 2, ReConnect, Creating VET-Business Partnerships for WBL see also the most recent news items !), and many more to improve and modernise education and anticipate on the #FutureOfWork, more investment in skills of young people, and better opportunities to learn, work and study abroad.

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