NTC Pilot – Supporting and Appreciating Mothers and Women

NTC Pilot – Supporting and Appreciating Mothers and Women

The Neet to Connect (NTC) pilot Training started on Friday July 28th. Five workshops later we finished on Friday August 25th with very satisfied and happy young mothers, becoming more aware of their true self and identity: Netmoming!


At the beginning of the pilot all mothers introduced themselves, how happy they were and what kind of little smart obectives they had set for themselves. Talking about what your goals you want to achieve in life and discussing this with other mothers and women:

  • What are your goals?
  • How will you achieve your goals and keep track of your progress?
  • How will this goal help you?
  • And what is the deadline of achieving it?

All very important questions! On Friday August 25th we could see ten very happy mothers, who did not know each other at the start and now all have become friends, knowing the names of each others’ children and all received their certifications, supporting each other and talking about what they had achieved and still want to achieve in the future.


One of the major feedbacks we got from our participants is that they really liked to be in a group with other mothers. As we all know, social connections can offer a number of mental health benefits, such as improving your mood, reducing stress, and improving self-esteem. Human connections are always needed but specially in the transition of motherhood, where new fears and situations in life may appear:,, It helped me a lot to be able to speak over my problems with my children and how other mothers solved it. It was also good for my self-esteem, I could actually help other mothers out”

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