NTC Multiplier Event: Best Practices from The Netherlands

NTC Multiplier Event: Best Practices from The Netherlands

The Need To Connect-project is close to the end and the multiplier event and workshop we have organized today have covered all the highlights of this amazing project! The main focus of the day is connection of young moms and the organisation of a good smooth network around them.

NTC Presentation

Chairwoman Carla de Vreij and director Pieter van Schie were the hosts of the day and introduced the project NTC to the delegates. Projects like ‘Prachtvrouwen’ (Beautiful Women), ‘Vrouwenkracht’ (Power Women) were presented and discussed as well:

  • Provide young mothers with a migration background with social assistance tools so that they can find their own way
  • Help young mothers and teenmothers to create a network so that they can support each other even after the program has ended,at street, neighborhood or district level.

NTC Workshops

In the afternoon we organized the workshops in the sun in the yards around the venue. We had made a clear set up and outline of the original NTC workshops and highlighted the core elements with the delegates using a practise by doing scheme. This was highly appreciated. The feel of the workshops and feedback on the way we engaged and involved the delegates was very positive. Certain delegates of some muncipalities were interested to run the programme themselves. Two NTC-participants who attended the workshops in July and Augustas were invited to tell about their experiences: ,,The impact of the NTC-course was much bigger than I expected.”

Another Multiplier Event Coming Up: Being a Young Mother in Europe

Did you miss out our multiplier event today? Don’t worry, on September 21st at 17:30 hours you can follow the livestream of the NTC multiplier event in Malaga!

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