Starting Fresh

Starting Fresh

Joblessness lasting more than 6 months is a major factor preventing young people from getting (re)hired, with potentially grave consequences. In any given month, a newly jobless young worker has about 20 to 30 % chance of finding a new job. By the time s/he has been out of work for 6 months, though, the chance drops to 1 in 10. Many of these young people are not only early-school leavers, lacking qualifications, relevant skills and work experience but more and more it affects third-level graduates who cannot find a first job.

Target Group

By request of several Dutch municipalities we will do anything in our power to support recent graduates from VET-schools Staring Fresh in the World of Work. That’s why DFW2W has submitted an Erasmus+ application for a KA1 Mobility Project, called: Starting Fresh (SF).

SF is for 10 recent graduates up to 30 years old, who are in unemployment (benefit). We will target the 2 groups of 5 recent graduates from VET-schools pre-dominantly when they (about to) enter the social benefits system.

Young and Working

Upon returning to the Netherlands, DFW2W expects (partly based on experience with previous mobility pojects) several results. We have highlighted the most important: 75% of the ‘Starting Fresh Students’ who have successfully completed the project will still be at work 1 year after completion of the project.


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