Young Migrant Entrepreneurs

Young Migrant Entrepreneurs

The project Young Migrant Entrepreneurs is a European Partnership, consisting The Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom). The project is focused on young entrepreneurs and youth workers. The project partners were assembled on the basis of their expertise in developing entre / intrapreneurial and intercultural skills, in relation to entrepreneurship capacity building youth work  and coaching, their expertise in designing and delivering learning, ability to create innovative material with the use of Social Media and their reach to young migrants and professionals in this sector.


Dutch Entrepreneurial Activities

Projects and activities about YME education archived in the Netherlands Just like many other European countries, there is no national education strategy in the Netherlands when it comes to entrepreneurial skills teaching. This may be surprising, because the Dutch are famous of their research and development, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It seems that this entrepreneurial spirit is already pretty embedded in the Dutch culture. What requirements need to be met to start a business in the Netherlands are supported by special agencies such as the Kamer van Koophandel (Chambers of Commerce), Dutch Centers of Entrepreneurship (DutchCE) and support systems for start-ups related to (un)employment, connected to the Dutch Welfare to Work system (through providers such as Werkplein (Work Plaza), UWV (Social Security Jobcenters) and municipalities (provider for the benefit, also for starting-up a ‘One-man-business’)… In recent years the Dutch government developed a variety of initiatives together with employers’ and employees’ organisations to help bring entrepreneurship into education.

How to start as a Young Entrepreneur in Holland?

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