Benefits for Young Recent College Leavers



The Dutch Foundation of Innovation has been a host organisation for a lot of young people in recent years in many Life Long Learning (Leonardo da Vinci) Mobility projects (People to the Labour Market) and Erasmus+ (KA1) projects. We are very proud of the Journey to Work Programmes we have completed so far with our Scottish Partners. Our last project Journey to Work 3 has currently a success rate of 87,5%.

Such a high employment success rate is amazing. But even more important is big the impact it has on the life’s of all these young people. To name a few advantages of Journey to Work, also known as ‘Going Dutch’:
• Gain Work (experience)
• Develop personally & professionally
• Gain vital new skills required for a global economy
• Broaden your horizons – physically & mentally!
• Receive financial support
• Acquire invaluable transferable skills
• Increase motivation to learn
• Boost your employability
• Develop cultural awareness & open mindedness
• Enhance self-confidence
• Acquiring new networks
• Have fun!
• Gain knowledge in new subjects /teaching methods
• Improve & gain language skills
• Receive Quality Coaching
• A lot of testimonials of young people back up our employment statistics. If you want to read more artcles, blogs and testimonials, please click on the Journey to Work website

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