Final Conference NetMe-In Paris – A Review

Everywhere in Europe, young people have difficulties to find a job. The challenge is even more serious for those of them who have less or no diploma, and a lower level of education or qualification. The pathway to a job is a real journey across agencies, offices, advisement or guidance structures, counsellors, family, peers, …In the same time, the structure and nature of employment is drastically changing. The digital era is one of radical evolution, both for the jobs and for the way to access them. The Final Conference NetMe-In on 12th June 2018 in Paris, addressed this in an excellent way: A Review:

For years it has been experienced through projects and in different kind of structures and territories, that accompaniment was a key process to enable and sustain the journey to work of those who have more difficulties. NetMe-In builds upon a series of previous projects that paved the road towards improvements of the journey to work and of the accompaniment processes. One key aspect of theses evolutions is related to the more and more dominant role of the digital social media in this journey to work, and in the support of accompaniment.

NetMe-In deals with Networks of Accompaniment:

“real life networks” made of all people who, at territorial level, have a role to play in opening, eliciting, and facilitating the road to word, and in setting the beacons that will enable people to become more confident and more able to reach success. “digital life networks” which are becoming the essential link between the jobs, the companies, the recruiters, the agencies, the families, etc. and the job seekers; by enabling the young people to present their experiences, as informal as they could be, and to speak about themselves in a positive and proactive way, they initiate possible steps to bridge the gap between the person and the job position in the company.

Working in Networks requires to tie long lasting relationships between actors which favors a better understanding, a richer mutual knowledge, a more fruitful appreciation. Including the young people in this web of relations and knowledge from the start makes it possible to reveal the potentials of people way beyond formal CVs and competence descriptions.

The NetMe-In final conference in Paris, France confronted the NetMe-In outcomes with other works, projects and ideas; and iniated a debate among actors; to propose common recommendations to further develop concrete actions; to influence new policy development at Regional and European level regarding the “#JourneyToWork” for Young people at risk; to evidence new beacons to enlighten the “Journey to Work” and help all actors to better navigate it.

The NetMe-In Final Conference prooved to be a unique opportunity to:

 – share the findings and outcomes capitalised from the works (such as the workshops around the #BrandI, NMI Board Game, storytelling for employment to see a list of all the results and activities, click here) of the project partners and field actors;

– open the access to a new audiences coming from different horizons – researchers, professionals, decision makers, social partners, groups of Young People, who were maybe nor directly implied in the project, other European Networks acting in related fields, etc.;

– broaden the scope and meaning of NetMe-In conclusions;

– get more knowledge by including more experiences, practices, reflexions, etc.;- discover more opportunities for sustainability, by finding other audiences or territories that could appropriate our outcomes and implement them in their context;

– develop new paths of cooperation and set the basis for new partnership and possible new projects.

For more information about this amazing #NetMeIn project, click here


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