EDDI Learning Training Teaching

EDDI Learning Training Teaching

The EDDI 4-day Learning, Teaching, Training activities were held in Thessaloniki, Greece at the offices of Stimmuli for Change. During the LTT-days informative seminars have been conducted by the experts from Universities and successful enterprises from the host country and also by the experts from the other partner countries joining at the location and via interactive tools like skype, zoom etc.

EDDI LTT-Days Thessaloniki, 10-14 October 2022

Stimmuli for Change

It was the first time that the EDDI partners saw each other face-to-face. Important feature of the LTT was getting some valuable feedback on the EDDi platform. Furthermore there were interview sessions planned about module 4 – Absenteeism. Overall discussions took place and future plans were made on the last day of the training.

What does the project EDDI do?


All EDDI-partner organisations were interviewed on the absenteeism topic. All videos below are EDDI-videos are productions of the LTT-days. Below Masha Garibyan from the Aston University (United Kingdom) EDDI-project manager about ‘how absenteeism affects student performance:

Theofilos Poulipoulos, project manager Stimmuli for Change about tackling absenteeism in school. This video is an EDDI production.

More results of the training will be published and broadcasted by all the partners via videos on Youtube, the organiosation Websites and the website of the project.

EDDI Project
EDDI Project
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