European Youth Jobseekers Community in Vienna

European Youth Jobseekers Community in Vienna

YOUTH-WORKNET aims at promoting the exchange of good practices in the field of networking-based activities for young unemployed people. By taking part in several EU and national projects, consortium partners have observed that traditional employment services tend to result ineffective in comparison with more innovative, informal and flexible solutions such as those based on networking and training support. Recently we were in Vienna to discuss the best practices in each country  

The Youth-Worknet meeting in Vienna, Austria took place 17 and 18th December 2018. We discussed the YouthWorkNet website. One of the major achievements of the projects, as regards to dissemination was our air time on RAI3 in Italy.  

In Wien (Vienna) the focus was on completing the YOUTH-WORKNET  catalogue of at least 20 successful practices from 12 different countries, together with critical analysis of their features and operative description of transfer and implementation conditions. All key aspects and data will be collected in a final report to be presented. By the end of the project, at least one more network of interested institutions will be officially established with the purpose of a further exploitation of the project results and the development of new networking-based interventions for youth employment. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed. More about that in our next article, which will also include Newsletter 5. To read more about our previous Youth Worknet meetings, like the one in Sofia, Bulgaria, see below.

YouthWorkNet Vienna in progress


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