Teams Webinar ProCKD

Teams Webinar ProCKD

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or End Stage Renal Disease face many barriers to remain in or join the workforce, especially after starting dialysis treatment. These barriers include poor employment opportunities because of disadvantaged socioeconomic status, fatigue and other symptoms of renal failure, depression and feelings of social isolation… The ProCKD project focuses on the needs and problems of patients from Spain, Turkey, Greece, and the Netherlands. More specifically the focus will be on how the working patients can continue their employment after initiation of dialysis, on how to be encouraged to continue training and education, and on how unemployed patients can be assisted in finding meaningful work. The focus of the Webinar, presented by Pieter van Schie MA, is on top of the solution !

Webinar ProCKD

Understanding the factors influencing employability can help patients have a more fulfilling professional life. In ProCKD we will share good relevant practises with our European partners and promote educational and professional reintegration of adults with chronic kidney disease by organising free webinars. The ProCKD webinar on February 16th was the first of many webinars. The project will serve as an educational program for adults with kidney disease and their caregivers.

Teams Webinar Monday February 16th was a big Success

The Project #ProCKD has 3 presentations:

1. An European Perspective: The Dutch #Entrepreneurial Approach to #Employability;

2. Work is #Treatment, Treatment is #Work

3. How to Create the right look for your #Brand #II

The Project #ProCKD targets patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. We wish to employ Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, support their employment and employability and entrepreneurship. It’s not for caregivers and not necessarily for social entrepreneurship.

For more information about the project (co-funded by the #ErasmusPlus Programme of the #EU), click here

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