An Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment

An Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment

Are you an Entrepreneur and What kind of skills do you need to be a good entrepreneur? What makes someone a successful young entrepreneur? The key qualities are traits such as creativity, the ability to keep going in the face of hardship, and the social skills needed to build great teams… If you want to start a business, it’s essential to learn the specific skills that underpin these qualities. Last week at the YME YouTube Multiplier Event the producst were explained to a big audience. In our YME YouTube Flasback blog-series we will look back on the products showcased: In this blog: The Entrepreneurial e-Assessment on the YME Platform.

Defining Entrepreneurship

Some experts think of entrepreneurs as people who are willing to take risks that other people are not. Others define them as people who start and build successful businesses. Thinking about the first of these definitions, entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily involve starting your own business. Many people who don’t work for themselves are recognized as entrepreneurs within their organizations (we would call these people intrapreneurs).

Regardless of how you define an “entrepreneur,” one thing is certain: becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy. What the entrepreneurship definition doesn’t tell you is that entrepreneurship is what people do to take their career and dreams into their hands and lead it in the direction of their own choice. It’s about building a life on your own terms. No bosses. No restricting schedules. And no one holding you back. Entrepreneurs are able to take the first step into making the world a better place, for everyone in it.

Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment

If you’re starting or leading a company, it’s beneficial to know yourself inside and out. Even though you’ve been with yourself your whole life, it’s hard to pinpoint your qualities. Assessing yourself with professional self assessment tools can help you understand how you work best, so you can make appropriate changes, help you choose to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and see holes and spots where you need help.

The YME Entrepreneurial Guide for the young Migrant Entrepreneurs always starts with the EC link and the file created, which the young migrant will produce, will be uploaded as a file with subscription on our YME Portal. Our portal will provide a free psychometric assessment tool for young people to assess their own enterprise skills. The YME self-assessment activity is the examination of oneself in order to assess particular aspects. It can be performed for establishing self-identity, determining certain needs (learning, etc.) or checking self-assurance. A cardinal aspect of every self-assessment activity is the honesty with which it is applied. If the person indulges herself/himself, the results of self-assessment will be erroneous.

Honesty is very important with self-assessment

The purpose of self-assessment is to help the young person know the extent of his abilities and to improve upon them without the need of a performance appraiser. It involves the use of questions such as; what are my strengths; what are the obstacles, etc. As indicated above, the honesty of the persons who performs self-assessment is important in order to obtain reliable results. Also, the locus of control can influence the results of self-assessment. Persons with high locus of control tend to make mistakes during self-assessment. The YME psychometric assessment is a procedure which will help you in better define your entrepreneurial profile, and therefore your professional goals, setting up a business or start up

Tom Savu and Manuela Dijmarescu explaining the platform and e-assessment

Have you ever considered yourself to be Enterprising?

Geoff Leask, director of Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) was invited for the YME Panel ‘Entrepreneurship and Doing Business as a Migrant’ (we will post a seperate blog about this panel discussion) at the YME YouTube Multiplier Event. YES, an organisation from the United Kingdom have developed a free assessment tool for young people to assess their own enterprise skills and see where their strengths lie – a young person may be a successful future entrepreneur, they just don’t know it yet…

We believe that to help young people develop skills and understand what they’re good it, they need to have a starting point. The “My Enterprise Profile”  assessment tool is this starting point. Give yourself 15 minutes to go through the questions. After completion you will be sent a thoroughly detailed report that illustrates six key areas of enterprise and which of these areas you excel in.

These areas are:

  • Making your customer’s experience positive
  • Connecting with the market
  • Finding new ideas and concepts
  • Growing your business
  • Maintaining commitment and focus
  • Being prepared and ready for business.

Your reports will be sent to you via email and will be a document that’ll display these areas matched to your answers. Your report will have a diagram of each area with levels of how you perform in each.

So, why not take that YES test now by clicking this link.

Go to the YME self-assessment !!!

YME You Tube Event

During the YME YT event the entrepreneurial e-assessment is explained as well:

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