Anthropoi News on PROFARM

Anthropoi News on PROFARM

PROFARM Newsletters

In the PROFARM project we (Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work and De Groenewelle) work together with Dutch, Italian and German partners. Anthropoi Bundesverband is one of our German partners. Their „Bericht 2017. Soziale Zukunft“ informs about their activities in 2016/2017.  This was published for a big event in June 2017: The congress Soziale Zukunft took place in Bochum, Germany (15.-18.06.2017). About 900 people came together to discuss a more human and social as well as ecological future for our societies. See below an interesting article (in German) from Dr. Gerhard Herz, about our PROFARM project on page 46: Anthropoi_Berichtsheft_2017_Soziale_Zukunft_web (1):

The aim of the ERASMUS + project “PROFARM – Professional and personal empowerment in social farming” is to make it easier for people with assistance needs to enter into a professional activity in the field of agriculture and horticulture… Soon we will frequently post newsletters in English, German, Italian and Dutch about this excellent social farm project: PROFARM.

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