Early Digital Diagnosis & Intervention – A 2-Day Digital Teams Meeting

Early Digital Diagnosis & Intervention – A 2-Day Digital Teams Meeting

The project “Early Digital Diagnosis and Intervention(EDDI)” aims to improve student retention rates. On 13-14 October we officially held our 3rd Transnational EDDI project meeting by a digital Teams meeting. The problem of early school leaving (ESL) affects societies, economies and higher education as underscored by UNESCO, Sustainable Development Goals (2019). With schools struggling with a significant number of students who give up on education before finishing secondary school, the aim of the EDDI consortium is to find a way to keep students in education.

EDDI e-Platform

After the feasibility study carried out in the project partner countries, the factors causing early school leaving were determined and effective strategies were determined. Currently the partners are developing content for the EDDI Platform. 4 models, with units and tools are in development. Read more about the EDDI Platform here. The initial testing of the platform will be done during Mobility in February 15-18th in Tahiti with help of local focus groups.

EDDI Catalogue

The EDDI catologue, c.q. Guide will consist of the contents below:
-Description of the methodology of the good practice about pedagogical model and the role of ICT in teaching to prevent early drop out
-Implementation stages of using the e-learning training programmes addressing the issue of classroom diversity used both in formal and non-formal education and using the adapted materials to an innovative system of teaching
-Evaluation of the ongoing quality improvement process, indicator monitoring and ongoing data collected and reviewed. Structure,process and outcome, evaluation relevant to early drop out.
-Strengths and weaknesses of the good practices by means of adaptation and implementation
-Sustainability strategy will comprise a summary of the courses developed during the project.

EDDI Android Application

The EDDI android application will create a typical environment that can be exploited by teachers, administrative staff to reach any possible signs of ESL. The application will have a flexible structure. In our next article we will tell you more about ÉDDI App Work in Progress: Click here

Training Mobility Tahiti

The Learning Mobilities in Tahiti will take place 15-18 February 2022. The 4-day Learning, Teaching, Training activity will include:

– Informative seminars to be conducted by the experts from Universities and successful enterprises from the host country and also by the experts from the other partner countries joining via interactive tools like skype, zoom etc.

– Role-plays that represent the NEET youngsters and the employers to give a message to possible drop-outs about the situation of the real world in case of leaving their schools. Those scenarios and role-plays would be distributed and watched by all stakeholder partner schools in participating countries that is about 1000 of schools in total.

– An overall discussion and future plans to be made on the last day of the training.

– at least 2 teachers/experts/trainers per partner will participate in the training.

– The results of the training will be published and broadcasted by all the partners via videos on Youtube, Website of the project, booklets, brochures, and the local media of the partner countries.

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