ECVET for Digital Publishing Partners Meet in Sevilla

ECVET for Digital Publishing Partners Meet in Sevilla

Last week the second Transnational Project Meeting of ECVET for Digital Publishing Partnership was organised in Sevilla, Spain. Third Sector International hosted the meeting the 3rd and the 4th of March in the Cartuja area, where the very well-known Expo took place in 1992.

EFDP DFW2W Video Tour

What is EfDP doing in Sevilla?

The project is developing materials that will respond to the demand for digital skills within the publishing industry and related sectors by developing course curricula for a suite of new ECVET based Digital Publishing qualifications. The project EfDP is creating a course that will correspond to EQF Level 5.

In the meeting several points were addressed by the six partner organizations. One of the main points addressed were the different assessments for each learning unit. These assessments will be the way to evaluate if the learners are correctly absorbing the knowledge of the course content also developed by the partners. The learners will have to overcome these different units to get the accreditation created by the EFDP project.

Another main point of the meeting was the development of the course content. The project leader reassured the methodology to create and develop each content unit to successfully create a course that will cover all the subjects and give the proper information to the learners in this digital publishing course.

EfDP Meeting March 3rd-4th 2022, Seville, Spain

Next Stop EfDP Project: Italy

Finally, some administrative and technical issues were also pointed out. The next transnational project meeting will be in Italy around the end of June 2022.

Stay tuned for more!

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