European Digital Publishing in Brussels

European Digital Publishing in Brussels

Ecvet for Digital Publishing (EfDP) met in Brussels October 6-7th 2022. The project is entering the pilot phase, rolling out the course and testing the assessments and lesson plans in practice. Each EFDP partner organisation will start piloting in October and November 2022.

Transnational Project Meeting Brussels

In the Brussels city centre the partnership came together at the premises of partnerorganisation Federation of European Publishers. During the meeting we discussed the content of the units and lesson plans. How to present slides, talk through course content, how keep the sudents engaged, how to do the assessments and key dates. The EfDP pilot needs to be very clear about the ‘why’ and what we expect from them. All EFDP partner organisation start their piloting in October and November. Capacity London will be the first to kick mid October 2022.

National Accreditation & Multiplier events

Each country is pursueing formal accreditation for the developed EfDP course. Formal updates will be sent in the partnership before end October.

Each partner organisation will organise a national multiplier event to disseminate about the work and products we have achieved. The multiplier events will all be done in 2022. Soon the partnership will produce more EfDP news regarding the dates and the agendas. EFP will organise a more international multiplier event, with foreign delegates. For more news, follow our digiblox instagram account: digiblox_dp

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