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A couple of weeks ago I was at the technical Youth WorkNet meeting in Campobasso, Italy. The Youth WorkNet partnership aims to promote the exchange of good practices in the field of networking-based activities for young unemployed people. By taking part in several EU and national projects, the consortium partners have observed that traditional employment services tend to result ineffective in comparison with more innovative, informal and flexible solutions such as those based on networking and training support. In particular, partners previously involved in two projects based on the Job Club methodology registered a much higher success rate in employment and personal activation (e.g. exiting the NEET condition) than that resulting from institutional support measure (see also ). In an article of Pieter van Schie the positive aspects (A self-educating platform, without trainers and case managers, without sanctions and pressure…) of this approach are highligjhted. The Youth Worknet proposes the exchange of a set of networking-based practices to be transferred and implemented in different contexts with similar needs. we have informed you previously in Youth worknet newsletter_1 PDF.

The 2nd newsletter gives an overview of the Technical meeting in Campobasso. It highlighted 2 projects in particular:

  1. The CERTLAB PROJECT: The focus of the project was the design, the testing and the validation of an innovative methodology to recognize competences already acquired and to validate them through a certification process, in order to make them more visible and valuable for possible employers.
  2. JOURNEY TO WORK: These projects are a good example of a wrap-around package of support which includes work experience, a good functioning network and quality coaching with a high success rate of 80% into jobs: A very nice testimonial of Jamie you can read on the project website of Werkcenter Scotland.

To read the YouthWork Net newsletter, click here: Youth worknet newsletter_2

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