Journey to Work – Another Level Up

Journey to Work – Another Level Up

The Journey to Work Programme is been a success story from the beginning. Currently We are running Journey to Work 6, another level up. The skills mismatch in the youth labour markets has become a persistent and growing trend. Many of these young people are not only early-school leavers, lacking qualifications, relevant skills & work experience but more and more it affects third-level graduates who cannot find a first job. Nordström/Skans (2011) show that an unemployment spell of more than 51 days subsequent graduation increases the probability of unemployment 5 years later. The Corona pandamic and unpaid internship schemes creating work experience paradoxes did not help as well. We have to level up and play the right cards: That’s why Journey to Work kicks in !

Journey to work 6

Creating Employment in Times of Crisis

The overall philosophy of Journey to Work is ‘From Work to Work, that’s the way it works !’. The programme, also known as ‘Going Dutch’ is aligned to encourage (learning to) start-up, (self-)employment and job search at all stages. We can speak of ‘levelling up’ during Corona times…

I am ready for a new chapter in my life’


From Work to Work

With youth unemployment still at high levels, and the pandemic never going away, many of today’s young people are not entering the labour market or getting off to a slow start in the job market, a situation that may well translate into lower lifetime earnings. Journey to Work 6 is aimed to improve the employment prospects & earning potential, it provides a wrap-around from work to work package of support which includes a work placement, language acquisition and the benefits of an intercultural experience. The work experience element is the most important element of the Journey to Work programme, because you need work (experience) to get work experience: From work to work, that;’s the way it works.

JTW6 - A Level Up


Stella, one of the JTW6 students told us: ,, I discovered my qualities: I felt very comfortable being independent, living on my own and taking care of me self. My memory, communication skills and organization skills have improved. I have had a great time! Yes, I think that as a person I have some great experiences and was offered a lot of encouragement and solutions when needed.”

Brandon: ”It’s been an amazing experience. I felt a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a couple of days I felt really at home in Holland. And now I’m ready for a new chapter in my life”

Journey to Work: Paid Interships

The Documentary ‘Unpaid Internships’ of Joshua Krook, featuring our Journey to Work 6 Partner Werkcenter Scotland explains perfectly that unpaid internships are a worldwide phenomenon, which does not really give young people the good start on the labour market and can be described as a ‘Work Experience Paradox’. The Journey to Work programme provides to our young people what is necessary during these Corona times. Work placements, apprenticeships and entrepreneurial work placements, all with an allowance.

Journey to work provides Paid internships !

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