NetMe-In Transnational Partner Meeting Lyon

NetMe-In Transnational Partner Meeting Lyon

The NetMe-In project is delivering her first results… Currently the NetMe-In project is having a meeting in Lyon, France, discussing the drafts and concepts (the micro caps and knowledge building caps). NetMe-In is initiated by European partners from France, Italy, Croatia, The Netherlands, Spain and Turkey and is a very good example of the digital society of today. This European project is focused on building a safe digital professional identity for the young jobseeker and how to marketeer yourself into the world of work.

Morning Session Lyon

During the morning sessions Lilianne Esnault and Axel Joder, Freref project managers  explained, what kind of results and what kind of Knowledge Buidling Caps have been delivered and will be delivered in the future. After the Lunch break the Youth sector of the Feyzin city (near Lyon) presented how to create a space for young people, made and shared by young people…

Knowledge Building Caps – What is Easy? What is Difficult; and how to tackle it?

Already a lot of knowledge Buidling Caps (KBS), call it concepts or try-outs of products – prototypes – were presented by the NetMe-In partners. Some KBCs were easy to set up and produce. Probably the most difficult to have experienced is working on a local and EU level as well, certainly as regards to the NEETs target group. Further it is clear that this target group don’t talk English (fluently). So we need to emphasize the importantance of sharing (e.g. Italian synchronization –Spanish/Catalan subtitles, etc.)

Another important question do the young people always understand the philosophy of the KBC. It is clear that a fantastic product (‘KBC’ is certainly not the word/acronym we should use) without any proper communication and/or dissemination  about the content of the KBC/idea, it will not have any impact … we need to use more common words like: drafts, concepts, manuals, guides, tools, blogs, articles… So good idea would be to present the KBC as a ‘draft’ or ‘concept’, presenting it through an article/blog. The NetMe-In project will soon present these on the open pages on the NetMe-In website as well (currently it’s still behind the NetMe-In intranet wall). As a preview, hereby a little peak, to give you an idea about the concept products produced, very much related to creating a Digital Professional Profile (DPI): About the ”squinch” (amazing YouTube Video by New York photographer Peter Hurley). Hereby also an article, previously published by Morwenna Ferrier in the Guardian dd 31 July 2015.

Learning Mobility Spain!

In March 2018 (19-23rd ) we will progress with a learning mobility meeting in Las Palmas. Soon more news about the agenda and concepts and drafts produced…

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