NetMe-In Meeting Rome

NetMe-In Meeting Rome

In the period January 15th – 18th DFW2W travels to Rome, Italy. The NetMe-In Project Meeting in #Rome is arranged to discuss and monitor the progress of the project. A few topics which will be covered are the collabourative work on Knowledge Buidling Caps (KBCs) and the preperation activities for the Learning Mobility, which will take place later this year.

Netme-In Meeting Karlovac, Croatia – May 2016

As regards to the KBCs we will need to monitor what we have achieved so far ? – populating the forecasted KBCs with the microcaps
and other pieces of content (scripts, …) – and what is still missing? The Importantance of the coordination and organisation of the work for producing the KBCs wil be addressed by Monica Turrini (KBCs as learning modules – who wants to own what – who wants to contribute to what).


Click here for a full look at the agenda: Agenda-Rome-V2 NetMe-In

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