NetMe-In Roma: About a Digital Professional ID

NetMe-In Roma: About a Digital Professional ID

What is NetMe-In about?

The situation of employment of Young People in Europe is very poor, especially for those who are “nowhere” (NEETs). On the other hand, actions, initiatives, innovative practices arise on the field that are motivating and putting people on the move. It is important to foster such actions, propagate them towards different actors and territories, and built upon them, for another step forward. The “core mottos” of NetMe-In are: Professional Social Networks and Digital Professional Identity Management are key to access job market successfully Building knowledge informally and less formally enables to improve actors’ Web 2.0 professional literacy and sets the grounds for self-esteem, confidence, trust, and commitment Building Accompaniment Networks in Territories and Europe with all field actors is compelling to better accompany Young People in their “Journey to Work

How will this be achieved?

In NetMe-In, this will be achieved through three main threads of actions:

NetMe-In Meeting in progress Rome Italy 16-17 January 2017

• Support the building of Accompaniment Networks, at Regional and European levels;

• Support the broadcasting of Knowledge Caps to gain abilities in:

– creating and managing one’s Digital Professional Identity;

– valuing the outcomes or non-formal or less formal learning through experiences;

– accompanying people along complex pathways;

• Help Young People far from employment finding their place by including them through specific actions such as the NetMe-In Days (see France, Holland, etc. ), the buiding of Knowledge Caps, and Pilot Actions…

More about the NetMe-In meeting in Roma in our next blog post. This will be about knowledge Building Caps (KBCs)… It’s complicated, but we will explain !


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