Project to Employ Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Project to Employ Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

The Project ProCKD targets patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. We wish to employ Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, support their employment and employability and entrepreneurship. It’s not for caregivers and not necessarily for social entrepreneurship.

Summary ProCKD

Patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) or ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) face many barriers to remaining in or joining the workforce, especially after starting dialysis treatment. These barriers include poor employment opportunities because of disadvantaged socioeconomic status, fatigue and other symptoms of renal failure, depression and feelings of social isolation, comorbid diseases, transportation issues, potential loss of disability and/or medical assistance benefits with employment, scheduling conflicts with dialysis, and the assumption by some employers that patients on dialysis are too sick or undependable to work.

This societal perception that patients with ESRD are unable to work completes a vicious cycle of low expectations for employment. For employment-preserving strategies to succeed, there must be a fundamental change in the way that health care is delivered to vulnerable populations, with improved disease management and funding for the social services required to overcome the employment disincentives. Improving access to medical care, including early evaluation by a nephrologist; availability of home dialysis modalities; proper patient preparation, including integrated pre-dialysis education models; and encouraging vocational rehabilitation are possible interventions to assist patients in rejoining or remaining in the

Teleconference ProCKD Meeting

On Monday January 25th 2021 we kicked off with our Teleconference meeting. Below the ProCKD agenda:

Teams Webinar ProCKD – February 16th 2021

We agreed to organize a Webinar on February 15th 2021, 15.00 CET on Teams. More information about this project will come soon.

Monday February 15th 2021, 15:00 CET the Project #ProCKD has 3 presentations:

1. An European Perspective: The Dutch #Entrepreneurial Approach to #Employability;

2. Work is #Treatment, Treatment is #Work

3. How to Create the right look for your #Brand #I

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