Social Media Savvy 2 Meeting Holland

Social Media Savvy 2 Meeting Holland

The partnership Social Media Savvy Part 2 organised their transnational project meeting last Thursday May 5th- Friday May 6th 2022 at Area071. The venue of DFW2W is located in Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland. The SMS2 partner organisations discussed the final phases of the SMS 2project. Werkcenter Scotland (United Kingdom); Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare to Work (The Netherlands) and ARES (Italy) finetuned the progress made on the Social Media Savvy Passport (e-assessment Tool, with Brand ‘I’ e-learn modules how to be social media savvy brand yourself profesionally on your journey to work. The partnership also addressed the final development of the SMS Platform, the communication and dissemination plan.

Partnership Finetunes savvy SMS Passport Modules

During the 2-day meeting we focused on six main agenda points:

  1. Check outputs
  2. Timesheets
  3. Dissemination (making a video)
  4. SMS Platform
  5. SMS Passport
  6. SMS Website

It’s important that the Social Media Savvy website and the platform are fully integrated with each other. The SMS Passport should be fully integrated in the SMS platform

Pieter (WS), Desiree (DFW2W), Roberto and Paola (both ARES)

SMS Video Curricullum

During the SMS2 meeting we discussed the outline of the SMS Passport: It will be structured in 3 modules. All modules got an introduction video

Module 1:

  • How to use Facebook and Instagram in a professional way on your journey to work

Module 2:

  • How to use LinkedIn in a professional way searching for a job
  • How to make a professional video curriculum

Module 3:

  • It’s all about the Brand ‘I’
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