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Review Dutch VET Circle LTT – Part 1

Review Dutch VET Circle LTT – Part 1

The training activities in the Netherlands on May 8-12th 2023 was hosted by Pieter van Schie, director of the Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFW2W). Sixteen delegates experienced the LTT, which was held in Leiderdorp and was aimed at enhancing on the one hand the potential of the participants for work based learning schemes and professional organisation of workplacements on the other hand. The blended mobility was also an activity that leads to the achievement of the project objectives. Below Part 1 in which we have outlined and showcased the Dutch Good Practice ‘ComOn’, VET System presentations, a VET-Circle Guide and tips and tricks on how to establish a good connection with the companies and how te motivate the students to get workplacements in companies:

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