Training for Vulnerable Individuals Participating in an Employment Support Project

Training for Vulnerable Individuals Participating in an Employment Support Project

The EAER Good Practice Guide we have developed and is already published in English is for people who have a history of drug and alcohol problems and those who are current problem substance users experience significant social and economic inequalities and are often marginalised within society, particularly in terms of their access to opportunities in education, training and employment. The European Action for Employment in Recovery (EAER) is a partnership project funded through the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union (EU).

The Good Practice Guide

In some areas, problem substance use is closely connected with poverty and deprivation and so economic activity rates are often low in the same geographic areas where problem substance use is high. A lack of social and geographical mobility means that people with a substance use problem can face significant barriers to employment. On a personal level, long term drug users may have experienced a cycle of disadvantage, where poor early education and school experiences lead to low participation in post-school education and less work experience and so less vocational training. People’s employment prospects are greatly reduced as are other factors including confidence and understanding of
the labour market. They can also face significant stigma from employers that drastically reduces their opportunities and ability to contribute.

People in treatment and recovery from problem substance use likewise face significant barriers to training and employment. This guide has been created to offer a supportive and pragmatic guide to identifying and aligning appropriate training, support and qualifications for vulnerable individuals participating in employment support
programmes. This guide can be read as a standalone document or in conjunction with ‘Employability and Recovery in Europe – examples of good practice’ which describes some of the issues people face in entering and maintaining a
place within the labour market and the supports and resources which can help people achieve this.

Below the Dutch Version, English and Portuguese version. You can contact us when you want the PDF sent to you (for free): Click here

Goede Praktijk Gids
Identificar e Alinhar Apoio de Formação e
Qualificações para Indivíduos Vulneráveis
que Participam em Projetos de Apoio ao
Identifying and Aligning Training
Support & Qualifications for Vulnerable
Individuals Participating in an Employment
Support Project
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