What Every Young Entrepreneur must Know

What Every Young Entrepreneur must Know

As we are closing 2020, we think it’s good to share with you some work we did on the YME Project. The project support young entrepreneurs (with a migrant background) On April 22nd 2021 a big OnLine Mulitplier Event will take place. Don’t miss out!. Here some TED Talks and other videos you need to see and share if you want on your Entrepreneurial Journey.

Why startups succeed

This video explores the reasons behind start-up failure or success. The speaker postulates that the main factors that determine success are: the idea, the team, the business model, the funding and the timing. The most influential of these factors being the timing [42%] and the team [32%].

 How to start a movement

This video highlights the importance of self-confidence in leadership and the role played by meaning partners in promoting and sustaining the cult business leaders and attracting other partners.

Weird or just different

The video speaker explores the importance of local and cultural perspective in regard to any assumptions that could be made showing that whatever concepts may be the norm for you, the opposite might be true for others depending on the local context.

Keep your goals to yourself

The video speaker presents the paradox of how sharing your personal goals and ambitions with somebody else will make it less likely to materialize due to psychological factors.

In 2021 we will blog about Syrian refugees starting up their lifes in foreign countries. When you got inspired, please visit the YME Project website.

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