Your partner for KA2 and KA3

Your partner for KA2 and KA3




Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances (KA2 & KA3)

The Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work (DFW2W) is a very experienced in the Erasmus+ field (KA01/KA02 /KA03). Organisations wanting to participate in Erasmus+ may want to involve DFW2W in their strategic partnerships, knowlegde alliances and Sector Skills Alliances, to tackle a skills gap and ensure a better alignment of vocational education and training with labour market needs. Maybe you wish to engage in a number of development and networking activities, including strategic improvement of the professional skills of your staff, organisational capacity building, and creating transnational cooperative partnerships with organisations from other countries in order to produce innovative outputs or exchange best practices.

If you want to collabourate, discuss an idea, don’t hesitate to contact us

DFW2W is an independent, non-profit organisation, based in the Rotterdam Region (Holland), which supports professionals (e.g. European institutes, municipalities, councils, provinces, governments, employment agencies, training providers, youth work organisations, non-profit organisations) and young people (aged 14-35) to reach their full potential in the fields of youth work, youth employment, job matching & mobility, traineeship, education, income, social innovation, inclusion, welfare, (young) entrepreneurship and quality of life. For the most recent news of our work and projects, see new initiatives and probably also the Sidebar on the right (Recent News). Curently we are heavily involved in the JobsClubsNetwork, NetMe-In, Journey to Work 2 (also known as #GoingDutch) Elevate and PROFARM.


C.P. de Vreij


St. Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work


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