Building Knowledge about the Net

Building Knowledge about the Net

NetMe-In: Building Knowledge Caps

In our previous blog post about the NetMe-In project we have posted about the meeting in Rome. This is part 2 of the work done in Italy. We have discussed a lot about building the content and design of Knowledge Caps. The Knowledge Caps are small learning modules available on the Internet with concrete examples and situations; the goal is to foster and sustain less formal learning about the main issues tackled in NetMe-In. The general process will be kept as agile as possible, meaning that Knowledge Caps will be released continuously, trialled and improved in a short looping process according to the remarks of users.

A Knowledge Building Cap (KBC) can be made of: A learning objective; A set of expected learning outcomes; A script or scenario; A set of “microcaps” to illustrate the content like cartoons, videos, situations, etc.

Social Media Landscape Prisma – A NetMe-In PSN?

Examples of KBCs content are:

• Professional Social Networks (PSN) for recruiting

• Professional Social Networks as tools to build a successful professional career

• Professional Social Networksas learning Spaces

• How to create and manage one’s Digital Professional Identity (DPI) – including the points of view of Young People and the actors of accompaniment and actors of the economic world (AEW)

• Accompanying the accompaniment process around use of Professional Social Networks and management of Digital Identity for young people in difficulty

• Accompanying the insertion structures on the “Journey to Work” supported by Professional Social Networks

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