Job Clubs Network Conference Sofia

Job Clubs Network Conference Sofia

Since 2015 the European JobClubsnetwork is going strong. The Netherlands, but also Italy as project leader, Portugal, Greece and Bulgaria are involved and have implemented a lot of JobClubs. See for an overview at the website of JC_Network .

Currently the JobClubsnetwork Conference in Sofia Bulgaria just finished. But it’s time to disseminate about this amazing project and what kind of impact a Job Club has on the Unemployed  in general and the Young and Jobless specifically. For a little peak at the agenda: Конференция Клубове за заетост_Програма JobClubsNetwork Bulgaria Sofia .

Lessons Learnt Dutch Job Clubs

The Dutch Job Club Lessons Learnt is worth a new blog. The impact a Job Club can have on it’s voluntary members is incredible: A self-educating platform, without trainers and case managers, without sanctions and pressure… But before we tell you about this we first need to explain the definition of a Job Club: What is a Job Club?

On the picture on the left: Our Chairman Carla de Vreij with Pro-Ed colleague Nicola Giaconi (Founder Job Club Italy).

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