Social Media Savvy Learning Teaching and Training

Social Media Savvy Learning Teaching and Training

The partnership Social Media Savvy 2 takes young people on a interactive and challenging journey of social media creativity; enhancing their digital skills, providing an evironment: SMS Platform, to learn. Finally we will also provide a Passport to Success, using personal branding (brand ‘I’) and acquiring soft skills to make it easier to progress into work. SMS2 will be targetting on young people still in school (potentially to graduate within 2 years) and/or or recent graduates (aged 14-25). The idea is that all those young people have a lack of work experience, but have a lot of smartphone experience. So We will teach train them to own their personal brand: The brand ‘I’.

Brand I

A professional digital identity, the ‘brand I’, is the first step to gain any kind of formal work experience which will lead to a substantial improvement of career development. The Learning, Teaching and Training activity in Campobasso, Italy focused on the ‘brand I’ and took place in the period January 2nd- 7th 2022 is a very important stage in the project, getting feedback from the target groups. The young people had the opportunity to mirror our work in progress, add value and manage the social media savvy expectations.

LTT Campobasso

The Learning, Teaching and Training activity (LTT) in Italy was very valuable. The blended mobility was very intensive and had a lot of added value to the SMS 2 project, contributing to achieving the overall project objectives. The study days in Campobasso have been the key articulation between the SMS team & the construction of the Social Media Savvy Journey for the young people and what kind of support should be given through the website, the platform and passport for young people. It enables the staff to explore and fine tune their social media savvy content and strategy to SMS team members, young people as well as other relevant experts/specialist/professionals.

Massimiliano – Social Media Talk

The Social Media Savvy blended learning activities were tailor made, and included:
* Peer learning workshops, sharing social media savvy experiences from similar projects (such as Transnational Business Groups, Linking Education and Business, NetMe-In and ofcourse social media savvy part 1, etc.) * Presentations of trainers (Pieter van Schie, Paola Pietrangelo and carla de Vreij) & their day-to-day work activities and workshops regarding Good Social Media Practice in their region; * Presentations Massimiliano (ARES), “Social Media talk about you!” – a game to explain web reputation (Parts 1 & 2), ”Video CV – a useful way to search for job online”
* Lectures SMS2 e-tool assessment Pieter (such as EGuide, EguideApps) and Rebecca use of Professional e-tools & apps and Social Media networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and constructive sharing of good practices;
* Testing of the social media savvy IOs The SMS Platform and the Social Media Savvy Passport (work in progress at LTT stage);
* Discovery of the local context and situation, meeting with local actors and stakeholders;
* Presentation Sharing is caring, Annamaria (ARES);
*innovative ideas and practices to take back to be implemented in the local context (regarding upcoming ME, the final SMS Event);

General Update Social Media Savvy

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