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Social Media Savvy Learning Teaching and Training

Social Media Savvy Learning Teaching and Training

Social Media Savvy Learning Mobilities
The partnership Social Media Savvy 2 takes young people on a interactive and challenging journey of social media creativity; enhancing their digital skills, providing an evironment: SMS Platform, to learn. Finally we will also provide a Passport to Success, using personal branding (brand ‘I’) and acquiring soft skills to make it easier to progress into work. SMS2 will be targetting on young people still in school (potentially to graduate within 2 years) and/or or recent graduates (aged 14-25). The idea is that all those young people have a lack of work experience, but have a lot of smartphone experience. So We will teach train them to own their personal brand: The brand ‘I’. A professional digital identity ‘I’ is the first step to gain any kind of formal work experience which will lead to a substantial improvement of career development. The Learning, Teaching and Training activity in Campobasso, Italy took place in the period January 2nd- 7th 2022 is a very important stage in the project, getting feedback from the target groups. The young people had the opportunity to mirror our work in progress, add value and manage the social media savvy expectations.

Social Media Savvy Learning Teaching and Training (SMS LTT)

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