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PHOTOFX – Photos To Fight Xclusion

PHOTOFX – Photos To Fight Xclusion

PHOTOFX – Photos To Fight Xclusion
Education, culture and youth policies play a central role in building a cohesive, competitive and supportive
Europe, as can be seen in the Communication from the European Commission on the theme “Building a stronger
Europe: the role of policies for youth, education and culture “(2018), which incorporates the conclusions of the
Gothenburg social network and the European Council at the end of 2017, it is necessary and indeed urgent to put
young people in a position to actively participate in civil life and politics, exploiting the potential of culture,
learning, mobility, with the aim of giving them power and capacity to contribute to well-being, social and economic
growth, and the diffusion of European values of cohesion, inclusion and solidarity. PHOTOFX wants to contribute to the achievement of these strategic objectives through the establishment of a consortium of organizations that, by mutual agreement, seek to create a suitable environment for civic participation and active citizenship of young people through the use of photography and communication.

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