Places-3T OnLine Meeting and Workshop

Places-3T OnLine Meeting and Workshop

Why this trend for third places? We spoke about about this during our OnLine meeting on May 25th. During the Places-3T Workshop on June 3rd we will talk more in-depth about the many factors influencing this trend. Among others: those linked to the “delocalisation of tertiary and/or managerial work or including customer relations, for example, which was thought to be dependent on “face-to-face” meetings, or those linked to the flexibilisation of the workforce – and therefore of the necessary square meters … But beyond these simple considerations of the profitability of physical locations, it seems interesting to “reverse” the proposal and to take advantage of it to open up new ideas, which make it possible to combine severa new approaches: the creation of value, well-being at work, the spirit of entrepreneurship, the sharing of values, welcoming and inclusive environments, social and technological innovation, culture and artistic enrichment, etc.

Spring School Workshops June 3rd 2021

On June 3 2021 the Spring School 2021 of the International Network of Cités des Métiers will be organised. If you haven’t had the time to reserve your spot yet, don’t delay to do it and register here. One of the workshops is about the Erasmus+ Places-3T project which explores new 3rd places ideas and the key factors for success, by drawing on existing examples and developing support for creators and facilitators. Most of the sessions will be in French or English but the discussions can take place in multiple languages. PIERRE PEVÉE, Manager of LaVallée, a creative place developed by SMart, SANJIN PLAKALO, Senior project manager – Pour la Solidarité – Brussels and LILIANE ESNAULT Responsible of Project Development at FREREF- Lyon are giving a workshop. They are delighted to exchange their ideas in the most participative way as possible.

OnLine Meeting Places-3T May 20th 2021

Places-3T OnLine Meeting May 20th 2021

On May 20th we had a full day OnLine Places-3T meeting. FUEIB and CEIS presented their collected practices. This allowed us to make a first identification of the key success factors of the good practices.

Context of the Successful Place
It’s important to know that there are several types of spaces:
* Spaces to promote and support the initiatives of great economic and social impact.
* Center for creative entrepreneurs (artists) to develop cultural and social events.
* Space for meeting, exchange and production of artists of musical scenes.
* Floating cultural centre to present artistic events (concerts, exhibitions…)
* Local innovation and circular production center dedicated to the city.
* Third place for the meeting and exchange of different audiences (public and private institutions) with the aim to promote social initiatives.
* Community place for the development of activities that improve life in a neighborhood.
* Third educational place that brings together educational actors to innovate together and to strengthen academic success, orientation and digital inclusion.

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