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Data Analysis ReConnect: Conclusions Student Questionnaires

Data Analysis ReConnect: Conclusions Student Questionnaires

Social Media and young people are intrinsically linked to each other. As innovators, young people are the ones who get absorbed into new technological trends which makes them also heavyweight users of social media. Young people from an early age are being exposed to social media and online tools for leisure, socialization and education. This makes the young generation, also referred to as Millennials, very savvy and skillful when it comes to using online tools and social media. On the other hand, this generation is criticized for the lack of social skills when it comes to face-to-face communication. This generation is perceived as disconnected from the ‘offline’ aspect of life, due to their immersion into the online aspect. There is this generational gap, struggle and tension between generations. The primary challenge for educators and students is to find common ground which will benefit both generations. Below the Student Questionnaire Conclusions

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